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  • Every student has individual access
  • Interactive 3D anatomical models
  • Access to anatomical quizzes
  • Access to structured clinical modules
  • Access to video database
  • Progression tracking & saving
  • Free access to exercise prescription software
  • Free licences for lecturing staff
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Flexible access to
key learning material

Teach Me Physio is an online learning platform helping lecturers to effectively deliver essential course material required in a sports therapy or physiotherapy course. It provides your physiotherapy students with flexible access to the key learning material.

Lecturers direct students to specific modules containing video tutorials, these are reviewed by students prior to attending practical workshops. Students arrive better prepared with an understanding of key concepts and techniques to be covered during practical sessions. Lecturers further develop the initial knowledge and skills, resulting in an enhanced learning experience for the students.

Single point access
for all students

Our online physio course provides a single point of access for a student’s e-learning needs, with access to interactive anatomy models, structured learning modules and an extensive catalogue of instructional video based tutorials. Students can also access reviews of current research material.

An individual login system allows each student to track their own progress as they work through the structured modules. Throughout each module students complete quizzes to consolidate and measure their learning. Students can continue to revisit material during self or peer group practice allowing them a flexible approach to their online physiotherapy education.

How Teach Me Physio
can help you?

Deliver material through blended learning

Online material for students supplements university learning

Flexible access to online learning

Each student has an individual login. Students can study when suits them

Students are better prepared for in class learning

Pre learning prepares students, lecture led workshops fine tune for deeper learning

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The University of Cumbria has partnered with Teach Me Physio since 2019. Students access the online tutorial videos prior to attending lectures and workshops delivered by the university staff. The pre-teaching results in students arriving better prepared for the workshops. They can also revising the tutorial videos at a later date when working with their peers or on clinical placements to consolidate their learning.

Teach My Physio has also been extremely helpful during the difficult times of the Covid 19 lockdowns. It has allowed our students to continue with the progression of their physiotherapy degree with uninterrupted access to online learning resources. Our students find the online nature of Teach Me Physio very useful and it has been important in improving opportunities for us as an institution to increase students access to blended approach to leaning. Knowing the background of the Teach Me Physio team and reviewing the quality of the material, it has been an excellent addition to the resources we offer, I would strongly recommend it to any institution delivering programmes related to neuro-musculoskeletal care. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Teach Me Physio for the next year and will continue to use it to facilitate the best delivery of our Physiotherapy courses.


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