Physiotherapy Courses for Uni Students | Teach Me Physio

At Teach Me Physio we offer physiotherapy courses for uni students to help develop their knowledge by preparing them with the key concepts and techniques of physiotherapy.

With our course, you’ll learn all about anatomy, understand how the body works and discover how to assess and treat the body to improve your patients’ everyday life.

Starting from only £54 per student a year,  our universities packages have all of our learning materials, progression tracking & saving, free access to exercise prescription software and free licenses for all lecturing staff.

Everyone learns differently so we offer a range of learning aids such as anatomy quizzes, research reviews and one to one mentoring with an experienced therapist.

You’ll also learn the relevant anatomy, assessment and treatment techniques with our structured clinical modules that allow for flexible working that means you can pick up where you left off at a time that suits you.

With over 250 videos in our video tutorial database, you’ll quickly have a deep understanding of how to identify and treat common symptom presentations.

At Teach Me Physio we also offer an interactive anatomy so you can focus on specific regions of the 3D animations to learn detailed anatomy about skeletal, muscular and neurological systems.

No matter where you are, you can access the online learning modules on your mobile whilst you’re on the go.

With the Teach Me Physio online individual login system you can track your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can see what you need to focus on next. You’ll also benefit from clinical tips and advice that will help you become a confident and professional physiotherapist.

Download your 14 day free trial over at Sign Up – Teach Me Physio to discover the tools and expertise you need to be a quality therapist.