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Why Choose
Teach Me Physio?


Don’t worry I have been where you are. I was very lucky to work with excellent mentors who helped me understand the key principals of physiotherapy and guided me to become a better physio.

Lots of clinicians know the anatomy and can remember diagnostic tests, however, they still struggle to help improve their patients symptoms. They can get lost and lack clear structure to the assessments and as a result are unsure of the primary issues which leads to a poor selection of treatment.

Clinical reasoning is the key to being an effective physio


  • You can learn how to structure your subjective assessment
  • Learn how to identify the important information
  • Plan and complete an efficient objective assessment
  • You and the patient should understand the issues
  • Plan, deliver and progress an individualised treatment plan

Working together I will help you develop a flexible framework you can apply to all patient interactions. There is no pressure as we work together to help address any difficulties you are having.

Are you struggling with your with an MSK case load?

Are you having difficulty with specific patients?

Are you a loan practitioner and need some extra support?

Are you having difficulty structuring your assessments?

Are your patients not responding to treatment?

Are you unsure how to progress your treatments?

Clinical Case Studies


These are simply the best way to develop your clinical reasoning and grow into a skilled clinician. Case studies teach you to understand the “why” behind what you are doing.

  • Why complete the assessment in a certain order
  • Why select one treatment over any other
  • Why to progress or adapt treatments
  • Why choose one exercise instead of another

This creates a deeper understanding of physiotherapy and will result in you becoming more confident, effective and helping your patients.

Benefits of a mentor


  • You can choose what you want help with
  • Work together at a pace that suits you
  • Increase your confidence
  • There is no pressure to know the answer, we will work it out together
  • Learn from someone who is experienced and understands what you’re going through

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