Lumbar Spine

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The lumbar spine is commonly injured so it is vital you understand how to identify the impairment that is causing the patients pain. We will show you how to assess individual segments of the lumbar spine and assess the range of movement at each level in multiple directions. This will also include assessing the physiological and accessory mobilisations available at each level. The lumbar spine is a system of bones, discs, nerves and muscles that not only impact the lumbar spine but play an important role in the function of the pelvis and and through the thoracic spine to impact the cervical spine. Manual therapy combined with exercises and importantly educating the patient regarding the pathology will bring about fantastic results. You will learn how to classify the lumbar spine dysfunction in to control impairment and movement impairments. From this you can pick the correct treatment technique which are shown in the videos in this section to address the impairment and bring about improvements in the patients pain and functional abilities.

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Section 1 - Introduction

Lumbar Spine - Introduction