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A thorough assessment will identify what issues are affecting the hip. You may need to address the articular and passive structure components which can be effected by pain or stiffness. You may need to address issues with the muscular system. These can be due to weakness, muscle imbalance, muscle length or muscles recruitment/patterning. You may also have to address the neural structures.

You will not get just one component that is effecting the hip with regards to pain and function. It will not be just a passive/articular element or just muscular. Your assessment will identify the contribution of each of these comments and your treatment needs to be tailored specifically to address this.

You may need to incorporate treatment in different regions in the body as you look at how the patient in general is affected by their symptoms. This can include treating as far down as the foot and ankle.

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Section 1 - Introduction

Hip/SIJ - Introduction