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Clinical Modules

Use the modules to gain an understanding of the topics before you attend your lectures or revisit what you didn't understand previously.

Step By Step


Be guided through structured modules and topics, teaching you the relevant anatomy, assessment and treatment techniques for different regions of the body.

Consolidate your learning at the end of each anatomy module using summary quizzes.

The Benefits


  • Build confidence regarding the body’s relevant anatomy
  • Flexible working at pace that suits you
  • Get the best view on demonstrations of assessment and treatment techniques
  • Gain a deeper understanding of techniques by learning not only how to do them, but also understanding why they are used.

Progress Tracking

The modules track your progress allowing for a flexible approach to online physiotherapy learning, this means you can progress through modules at your own pace and leave at any point. Teach Me Physio will show you where you left off previously.

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