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Why choose Teach Me Physio?

Over three decades of combined clinical experience has been been used to build a large database of learning videos. Martin works with the Great Britain Olympic Team and Drew has built a successful career in private physiotherapy practices and as a Guest Lecturer in Master level University teaching. However, both were once students and remember what it was like when you are trying to learn the assessment and treatment skills needed to help patients get better.

Speed up your learning by watching videos which talk you through step by step exactly how and why to apply clinical skills. You will find summary videos related to the most common conditions patients present with. These help you recognise the signs and symptoms, understand the pathological process and identify the treatment options and prognosis related to each condition. The clinical skills videos gives you hints and tips of how to get patients better quickly that we have built up over decades of working with patients.

Learning should be flexible and best suit you. That’s why you can choose to watch all the videos in each section in order or just select a particular video. You can return to any video at any time to refresh your memory.


Isobelle BSc Student
2nd June 2017

Teach Me Physio is so quick and easy to use. I like the detail that the videos give. It has really helped me when on clinical placements. I can check up on assessment techniques and find how to apply treatments correctly.